Diarrhea – How to Help Yourself?

Diarrhea is unpleasant and makes us feel uncomfortable, but not a big problem if it occurs rarely in healthy adults. If diarrhea is in chronic condition or occurs in children and the elderly, then the situation is changing and we should be very careful, because their bodies can dehydrate more easily. Diarrhea is the occurrence […]

Aloe Vera – the Elixir of Youth

According to the legends it is this plant’s “guilty” for healthy, glowing skin of Cleopatra, which used to rejuvenate. According to another legend, Aloe Vera is the reason for the battle of Alexander of Macedonia in “Is”. At this time Aloe Vera has been used to treat wounds in soldiers. For these reasons, Alexander had […]

Herbs Healthy Value – Parsley (a Vitamin Bomb)

Spread around the world, parsley is respected not only because of the pleasant taste, but also for decorative look. This spice is a real source of vitamin K, where mainly comes favorable impact of parsley on the body. 10 grams of this particular plant not only contain 0% calories, but also provides 150% of the […]

Spirulina – An Ideal Choice for Any Woman Before, During and After Her Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life as she counts down until the birth of her dearest. So a balanced, healthy diet during pregnancy is imperative. Maintaining health during pregnancy is vital for both mother and fetus. Sufficient protein is imperative for fetal development, growth of the uterus, and the growth of the […]

Advices on How to Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System

Nowadays we can multiple, on ways, influence the improvement of the immune system in childhood. We are talking about active ingredients that have function over the children’s immune systems at different levels. These are products which are available without prescription and can be obtained by the recommendation of a doctor. Many of them have a […]

Useful Information’s About Blood Sugar (Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes)

Blood sugar is actually a glucose that is created in process of food digestion and as such directly enters in the blood. Blood sugar is used as a primary source of energy in the body. The excess is stored in the liver and adipose tissue to be used in energy requirement. Normal level change in […]