Zucchini With Cheese Recipe

Ingredients: 2 young zucchini 250 g of young cheese 2 eggs 150 g of flour A mixture of spices 100 g of sherry tomatoes Oil Salt   Preparation: Young zucchini are washed, peeled and cut into longitudinal thin strips. They are salted. The eggs are cooked aside and seasoned at will. Salted zucchini are put […]

A Delicious Protein Shake That Cleans the Body of Toxins

If you start this day with this delicious combination, you will quickly remove the toxins from the body and you will be more energetic and more prepared for all challenges.   Ingredients: 1 egg; 1 tablespoon honey; Freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon; One hand cornflakes; 50 ml of milk.   Preparation: Put all […]

A Natural Elixir for Cleaning the Lungs – Savior for Every Smoker

If you are a smoker for more than five years, you certainly feel the consequences of this unhealthy habit. Bronchitis, as well as a smoker’s cough, is certainly something you are struggling with, and there is a recipe that can ease those problems. Of course, the best you can do is to leave cigarettes, but […]

A Salad with Nutritious Combination That Melts Any Fatty Deposits

After hard training, refresh yourself with this delicious salad. You will be full and with no need to worry if it will overturn the effect of exercise. Only 220 g pumpkin provides 1/3 of the required daily intake of vitamin C, and nutritionists bring about the ability of the body to burn fat. Walnuts are […]

Salads for the Hot Summer Days

If during the summer and high temperatures, you want to avoid fatty dishes, then it’s time for you to play with salads and fresh foods. We offer you several salads that will serve you the menu:   Salad with pasta and chicken meat: For this salad you need chicken, broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, sour milk […]

Tasty Baked Potato with Yogurt

We constantly prepare potatoes with spices, but why not try for our family lunch today to make a little different potato in which we add yogurt? Believe that after that, you will constantly want to prepare it in this way. Ingredients: 4-5 large potatoes; 2 teaspoons oil; 2 tablespoons yogurt; 1 teaspoon of salt; ΒΌ […]