Red Cabbage Several Times Healthier Than Green!

From the group of vegetables we separate red cabbage, whose composition and therapeutic components for the body is much larger than the green cabbage. Although, in the everyday life we more preferred green, it is important to know that consumption of red cabbage grant’s the organism several times more vitamins and minerals than usual. What […]

Advices on How to Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System

Nowadays we can multiple, on ways, influence the improvement of the immune system in childhood. We are talking about active ingredients that have function over the children’s immune systems at different levels. These are products which are available without prescription and can be obtained by the recommendation of a doctor. Many of them have a […]

Useful Information’s About Blood Sugar (Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes)

Blood sugar is actually a glucose that is created in process of food digestion and as such directly enters in the blood. Blood sugar is used as a primary source of energy in the body. The excess is stored in the liver and adipose tissue to be used in energy requirement. Normal level change in […]

What are Carotenoids and Why Do We Need Them?

Carotenoids are a family of about 700 fat-soluble molecules that are produced only by phytoplankton, algae, plants and a limited number of fungi and bacteria. Beta carotene from carrots is probably best known carotenoids. Carotenoids are a family of phytochemicals that give a strong color to the plants and fruits in autumn. They offer great […]

Fruity Cocktails That Burn Calories

These cocktails are just a few examples of the great combined fruit, which at the same time can be tasty and healthy in one. Choose the one cocktail that looks the most irresistible for you and burned a few calories plus. Cocktails are ideal to consume instead of breakfast or dinner, or you can use […]

Is it Good to Fill Plastic Bottles With Water Over and Over Again?

Many of us have a habit of filling over and over the same plastic water bottles. But it seems that keeping plastic bottles longer than necessary is very harmful habit which we should immediately forget.   T.M (treadmill reviews) tested bottles in which was supplemented water for a week and found that the number of […]