What You Do to Your Body If You Eat After 19:00

There is fear and conviction that everything we eat in the evening will make us fat and that it is precisely those calories that create fatty deposits. You must have heard about the saying “Have a breakfast as king, lunch as prince and have a dinner as poor man” which says that breakfast should be […]

Daily Menu For Babies From the Seventh Month to the First Birthday

Here’s an example of a daily menu for your babies according to their age / months: Seventh month: five nursing + one fruit porridge; Eighth month: four nursing + one fruit porridge and one vegetable porridge; Ninth month: three nursing + one fruit and one mixed porridge, cereals, yolk and yogurt; Tenth month: three nursing […]

6 Tips to Stop Drinking Carbonated Drinks

Doctors and nutritionists agree that carbonated drinks are not good for our health. Although they are delicious, they are full of lots of sugar, “empty calories” and have almost no nutritional value. Whether you are a “addict” who during the day cannot be without a few bottles of carbonated drinks, or a person who occasionally […]

Homemade Juice Who’s Burning Even the Hardest Fatty Deposits

In addition to being incredibly healthy for overall organism, this natural juice of tomato, lemon, ginger, celery and hot pepper is also the ruthless enemy of fat, and a great refreshment for the current temperatures. All the ingredients that make up this powerful natural drink accelerate the metabolism and break down the most persistent fat […]

What We Need to Eat Before and After Exercise

If you are looking more carefully about your weight and the slenderly line of your body, the exclusive practice of regular physical activity seems never enough. Exercises absolutely influence the muscle mass, but in combination with proper diet before and after exercise, physical activity will have an increased effect and will accelerate action for burning […]

Why We Should Drink Water Immediately After Waking Up

We reveal what happens to your body when you drink a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning, or as soon as you wake up. Helps to remove toxins from the body While drinking water, it has a natural influence on digestion. During the night, our body is working, that is, trying […]

Fruits to Keep Your Body Hydrated and Healthy

Dehydration in summer can lead to many problems, and loss of potassium can be dangerous. Therefore, you need to know what kind of fruit is for you to trust, so that your body can be hydrated and healthy. Strawberries, Raspberry, Blueberries and Bramble: Consume these fruits as often as you can. The fiber and the […]

Learn How to Make Your Diet, a Super Healthy Diet, Only in Three Weeks

Lower consumption of animal protein has more positive effects on our body, such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. That is why doctors are constantly advising about meat, to import more vegetables, legumes and grains. Plants are like a pharmacy of nature (said by Kate Gigan, author […]

Red Cabbage Several Times Healthier Than Green!

From the group of vegetables we separate red cabbage, whose composition and therapeutic components for the body is much larger than the green cabbage. Although, in the everyday life we more preferred green, it is important to know that consumption of red cabbage grant’s the organism several times more vitamins and minerals than usual. What […]