Turmeric – One of the Most Useful Spices!

This magic herb is probably one of the most useful spices you can put in food or otherwise consume it. More recently, the possibility of using curcuma for the treatment or prevention of certain diseases is being considered. Contains important minerals such as potassium, iron, manganese, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. However, probably the main […]

What are Health Benefits from Banana?

They are rich in fiber and offer three natural sugars – glucose, sucrose and fructose – means a huge energy booster. Bananas are good at fighting depression, making you smart, relaxing, treating your hangover, sweetening your morning urine, protecting against kidney cancer, as well as diabetes, osteoporosis and blindness.They can soothe the skin after a […]

Health Benefits of Banana Juice

Bananas contain almost all known vitamins and minerals that the body needs, and some studies have shown that they reduce the effects of tobacco consumption. That’s why they should always be part of the diet. The consequences of bad habits, drinking alcohol, smoking, unhealthy diet, inactivity, the body feels even when you stop them. But […]

All Advantages of the Garlic

Although often used, we forget that garlic (allium sativum) is not only a perfect spice herb, but a true treasure chest. It has been used for years in various cultures as the most effective natural remedy for various diseases. Although the fatherland is Middle Asia, the garlic was very much respected, appreciated and knew amongst […]

Lemon – all natural and medicinal properties

Lemon belongs to the group of citrus fruits, which includes orange, tangerine, grapefruit, etc. It is cheap, easily accessible and versatile. The lemon is especially useful when it comes to your health. This yellow fruit contains not only vitamin C but also other vitamins (vitamin B, riboflavin) and minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and […]

How to calm your cough in a natural way?

Winter months are the same period of the year when colds and flu have the highest prevalence. One of the most irritating symptoms that occur during the flu season and colds is coughing. Due to the fact that coughs can be a very drowsy phenomenon that often disturbs the sleep, many people besides the usual […]

Some myths and facts about the flu and colds

The season of cold and flu has begun. During the autumn and winter you will often hear the sound of coughing and sneezing, and you are also likely to get sick or get tired of the symptoms of the flu. In such circumstances, you will surely receive lots of advice from different people, so it’s […]