The Lawyer

A man hired a lawyer when he got sued by his company for embezzlement of many millions. At the beginning of the process, the lawyer kindly reassured him: „Don’t worry, you’ll never go to jail with that amount of money. “ And the lawyer was right. When the man did go to jail eventually, he […]

Fair Case

A judge enters the court room and starts the proceedings, saying: „Before this process starts in earnest, there is one thing I have to clear first. The plaintiff gave me $ 10,000 so I would rule in their favor. The defendant gave me $ 12,000 so I would rule in their favor. To make this […]

Cool Accent

I was sitting in a bar one day and two really large women came in, talking in an interesting accent.  So I said, “Cool accent, are you two ladies from Ireland?”  One of them snarled at me, “It’s Wales, dumbo!”  So I corrected myself, “Oh, right, so are you two whales from Ireland?”  That’s about […]