In Life the Most Important Thing is Love, Everything Else is Futile – 26 Tibet’s Wisdoms

Here are 26 guidelines for the life of the Tibetan sages. If you like it – express yourself. If you do not like – express yourself. If you miss someone – call him / her. If you do not understand – ask. If you want to meet with – call him / her. If you […]

A Happy Person’s Habits

Researchers find some characteristics of happiness that define one person as happy. For example – a happy person never compares himself to others. One reason for that is that due to internalizing other people’s images or their perception of us  changes our sense of the subjective self of an unique well-being.     A happy person never rehashes the past […]

School Preparedness – Psychomotor Maturity Indicators

These are the main indicators that show whether your child is ready for school or not: Has a good eye-hand coordination, especially between fine finger and eye movement. Draws a human figure with head, body, hands, feet and details (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, fingers, and clothing). Draws at least 6 lines per 20 seconds on a sheet of […]

How Do Television, Picture Books, and Other Print Media Influence Children’s View of “Reality”?

Most of the children between three and four, especially when watching TV, get confused when they are asked to distinguish the real wimp from its appearance on television. TV programs show “realistic” appearance of characters who are doing something or being involved in events that might be true, or not.  What is shown on television, preschool children (under age of 7) […]

Ways in Which You Can Get Friends and Influence People by Using Their Psychology – (Harmless Psychological Tricks)

Before we start with the list, it is important to note here that this does not include things that can harm people. These are ways in which you can get friends and influence people using their psychology without being vulgar, impolite and evil.   Use the fatigue When someone is tired, that person is subject […]

A Brief Test That Can Determine Your Character

We present to you a short test that manages to reveal your attributes and qualities as a person. It is best to rely on your inner voice and to answer the question about your favorite or what you want more? Cucumber or Tomato? Melon or Watermelon? Here is your combination of answers:   Cucumber and […]

What Tai Chi Really Represents And What are the Health Benefits From It

Tai Chi Chuan (translated as the ‘Supreme Ultimate Force’) is one of the world’s most known martial art disciplines. The Tai Chi Symbol is often represented through the Yin Yang Symbol and there is a right reason. Tai Chi has influences that go back to Taoist and Buddhist monasteries. According to some documents and beliefs […]

The Lawyer

A man hired a lawyer when he got sued by his company for embezzlement of many millions. At the beginning of the process, the lawyer kindly reassured him: „Don’t worry, you’ll never go to jail with that amount of money. “ And the lawyer was right. When the man did go to jail eventually, he […]