What is Fast and Slow Metabolism?

What is metabolism? The term metabolism encompasses a series of biochemical processes and pathways in which energy from food is transformed into the body and is used to maintain and perform all life functions in it. Specific proteins in the body control metabolism and any biochemical reaction is coordinated with the body function. Metabolism is […]

Health Calculator

A Way to Track Your Health – Health Calculator

Measuring your Body Mass Index (BMI) and your Lean Body Mass (LBM) is a good way to track your diet results, your workout program results or to find the best combination of both. Results that come from measuring the BMI and LBM sometimes can be used to track your general health. There are a few […]

Exercise Threats for Overweight People

Obesity is among the most dangerous factors for health because it involves joint problems, high risk of heart attack and stroke, and premature death. Although exercise is a key to weight loss, it still poses some risks when it comes to overweight people. But this does not mean that they cannot exercise, but before starting […]

Is Exercises Good For People With Arrhythmia!?

Abnormal rhythm or rate of the heartbeat is called heart arrhythmia. This is the reason or disease that causes the heart to beat too quickly or too slowly. Although, it is good for people with this problem to do some exercises. In some people exercises can trigger arrhythmia by occurring suddenly during exercise. Sometimes arrhythmia […]

Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 2) – part three

Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 1) Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 2) – part one Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 2) – part two In the previews post I have given a review on the significantly that our breakfast has in our daily diet and in the achievement to get in a healthy lifestyle mode. […]

Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 2) – part two

For the second part of Lesson2, I will introduce you to the beauty of a healthy diet. As I said, changing my eating habits was a fun and tasty adventure for me. Almost an infinitive list of vegetables and fruits are available to make them a part of our daily diet routine. If after you […]

Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 2) – part one

Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 1) – Introduction to the beauty of the simple healthy life style math Whatever your reason is for wanting to make a change in your lifestyle to a healthier one is justified, and all begins with a change in your diet. An 80% of a healthy lifestyle belongs to a […]