Five Unusual Signals that Indicate Heart Problems

Many people for lack of knowledge and disbelief survive infarction and get it “on their feet”. Your body sends clear signals, and it is yours to recognize them. These are some unusual signs that you should not ignore, as according to the World Health Organization data, from 1970 to 2000, the number of heart diseases […]

Complications That Can Make Long-Term Diabetes

In the past, scientists tried to explain the ways in which diabetes develops, the metabolic changes that are key events in the disease, and how to deal with the disease and its complications, we could not even assume that we will soon face a real epidemic of Diabetes. We will not be mistaken if we […]

Quiet Symptoms of Brain Tumor

Brain tumor affects less than 1% of the world’s population. However, in addition to these good news, it’s bad that it occurs with very few symptoms, which seem to be about a normal state of headache or fatigue. Read the following secret signs or symptoms of a brain tumor to determine if it’s time to […]

Stop Smoking! Dangerous Bacteria’s Inside Cigarettes

Besides the poisons and chemicals, we enter more dangerous bacteria from the smoke of the cigarettes ! It is known that cigarettes are harmful to human health in many ways, but the latest research reveals that hundreds of bacteria that can cause a large number of infections and chronic illnesses are inhaled and ingested during […]

Health Calculator

A Way to Track Your Health – Health Calculator

Measuring your Body Mass Index (BMI) and your Lean Body Mass (LBM) is a good way to track your diet results, your workout program results or to find the best combination of both. Results that come from measuring the BMI and LBM sometimes can be used to track your general health. There are a few […]

What Tai Chi Really Represents And What are the Health Benefits From It

Tai Chi Chuan (translated as the ‘Supreme Ultimate Force’) is one of the world’s most known martial art disciplines. The Tai Chi Symbol is often represented through the Yin Yang Symbol and there is a right reason. Tai Chi has influences that go back to Taoist and Buddhist monasteries. According to some documents and beliefs […]

Rihanna released a new single, which is part of the soundtrack of “Star Trek”

Rihanna launched her new song “Seldgehammer “, which will be on the soundtrack of the new sequel to the film series “Star Trek”. The song, on which also worked the famous singer Sia, at the beginning it sounds like a combination of Rihanna’s hit “Diamonds” and the song “Chandelier”, which for months was on the […]