How to Speed Up Your Metabolism?

The sad truth is that in the thirties of life, metabolism begins to slow down. But there is no need for despair because there are ways to speed it up. Here’s what you can do to speed up your metabolism:


  • Eat often: Your body needs little energy to digest the food, so if you have small and frequent meals (about 200 calories), it’s much healthier for your metabolism. For example, divide lunch into two parts, where you can eat the first half in 11 and the other half in 2pm.


  • Drink more water: Water is the key to metabolism and if you do not get enough into the body, metabolism becomes less effective. Try drinking more water, and two liters a day are recommended. Fruits, vegetables and other liquids enter this amount as well.


  • Do not forget the cardio exercises: You have four minutes? Try an interval and intense training that consists of 20 seconds effort and ten seconds of rest. This type of exercise is fast and effective, research has shown.


  • Add fiber in the diet: The fibers are not easy to digest and that’s good. Namely, this way you consume extra energy trying to get them cooked and your metabolism works. Enter in the diet 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day.


  • lift weights: The work of muscles improves the metabolic process because more weight is used to lift weights, and so are calories. Practice at least 20 minutes three times a week.


  • Decide for proteins: Protein amino acids restore muscle tissue so proteins are important for the body. If the muscles do not work properly, the metabolism slows down. Daily, women should consume 70 grams of protein.

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