Allies of Good Immunity

Among the products that are allies of the good immunity of the organism are the kale which helps to strengthen the liver, which in turn is responsible for cleansing the toxins from the organism, the oregano oil cleans the throat, the ginger – the airways, and the sage helps with expectoration.

  • Pomegranate for beautiful skin:

Pomegranates are rich in vitamin C, which strengthens immunity and acts anti-inflammatory, which is why they are recommended to asthmatics. It is best to eat raw, while their crust is excellent against diarrhea. In addition, it keeps the skin from premature aging in winter months, improves circulation and tonus, and reduces acne damage.

  • Kale to cleanse the liver:

By falling temperatures, immunity is weaker, and constant temperature changes are adversely affecting the body, which is prone to colds and flu. Strengthening immunity begins with a liver cleansing that is in charge of detoxification. The best liver foods are kale, broccoli, cabbage and lettuce. They stimulate liver function and accelerate the cleansing of toxins from organism.

  • Eggs for shiny hair:

The eggs are rich in iron and vitamin B12 that strengthen the hairs. Iron helps fight anemia, which can often cause hair loss. Except for the diet, the eggs are excellent as an integral part of the hair masks.

  • The oregano oil cleans the throat:

Oregano oil strengthens immunity and cleanses the throat. It kills the bad bacteria that collect in the digestive system and acts antiseptic, and is used as a cough and syringe remedy. It is recommended to use twice a day, and two to three drops of teaspoonful of sugar or a glass of water are enough.

  • Sage for cough:

Sage, just like oregano oil helps in expectoration. It calms down the cough, pulls the secret from the throat and cleans the airway, and helps with high temperatures. It is not recommended to consume it in large doses because it can act counterproductively.

  • Avocado for colds:

Avocado positively affects the adrenal glands and strengthens immunity. It is rich in amino acids, antioxidants and healthy fats that balance the level of hormones in the body, reduce the risk of heart attack and help regulate blood pressure, and is recommended for people who are prone to colds. It can be eaten fresh or in a sauce.

  • Ginger for the lungs:

Ginger is a great tool for cleaning the lungs. It helps to clean the airways and sinuses, thus preventing the collection of toxins that cause infections. It can be used as a tea, a cup, or eaten with each meal. It positively affects digestion and reduces nausea.

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