The Secret Symptoms of Stress

Modern lifestyle does not spare anyone from the occurrence of stress. Stress is a normal occurrence and the body can handle it without any problem. But when you are exposed to extreme stress daily, your body may lose the battle and begin to suffer from the consequences. Here are some secret symptoms that will tell you that you are exposed to much more stress than you think:

  • Headaches during the weekend:

Stress can be a culprit for the occurrence of migraine. We all know this, so it may sound weird that reducing stress during the weekend can be a cause of headache. Experts believe that a significant reduction in stress can cause migraines. Headaches in this case occur because people over the weekend change their habits for coffee, waking or sleeping.

  • Acne, itching and too dry skin:

Stress affects every organ in our body, and when we already know that the skin is the most visible organ, it is normal to expect that the effects of stress will appear on it. Scientists believe that itching is one of the first physical symptoms of stress. Sometimes itching is the result of an allergic skin reaction, but often happens without any particular cause. If you suffer from dry skin (eczema or psoriasis) or you are prone to acne, when you are under stress the condition worsens. This happens because when the body is under stress, along with cortisol and adrenaline produces a greater amount of androgens, which in turn stimulate sebum secretion and sebum stimulates the appearance of acne. Also, stress slows the process of healing of the wounds and acne. If you notice that acne is hard to disappear, it may be a good sign that it is a result of stress.

  • Irregular and painful menstruation:

Experts believe that menstruation often falls short of stressed women because the body knows when it’s not good for fertilization. Stress can very easily disturb the hormonal balance. Women who are exposed to high stress are twice as likely to experience painful menstruation as women who are more relaxed.

  • Pain in the jaw, bleeding gums:

Many people, when disturbed or stressed, clit their teeth in their sleep, i.e. Show symptoms of bruxism. This condition is exacerbated by an increase in the level of stress and can cause pain in the jaw. During periods of stress it is possible to have bleeding or gum pain. This is because stress reduces immunity and the body hardly fights bacteria that accumulate around the gums, and as a result, infections, bleeding, or pain develop.

  • Desire to consume sweet or fatty foods:

We women often blame the monthly cycle for the emergence of a desire to consume sweet foods. But the truth is that such a longing for chocolate is more likely to result from the presence of stress. The researchers found that there is a very small difference between the desire for sweet foods in women who are in front and women who have already passed the menopause, so they think that stress is probably the culprit for choking after chocolate. This is because when the body is exposed to stress, the desire to enter carbohydrates is activated. Others are trying to reduce stress through consumption of greasy fast food. Experts believe that people are inclined to consume fast or sweet foods to relax and improve mood, but it always has a short-term effect.

  • Problems with the stomach:

Exposure to stress can cause fluctuations in the amounts of acids secreted in the stomach, gases and muscle spasms. It can result in diarrhea, abdominal pain or constipation. Research involving almost 2,000 men and women showed that those who experienced the highest level of stress were three times more prone to abdominal pain compared to those who were relaxed.

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