Five Unusual Signals that Indicate Heart Problems

Many people for lack of knowledge and disbelief survive infarction and get it “on their feet”. Your body sends clear signals, and it is yours to recognize them. These are some unusual signs that you should not ignore, as according to the World Health Organization data, from 1970 to 2000, the number of heart diseases increased by 300 percent.

  • Unconsciousness and dizziness: If you have a mild faint and short sighs, consider it is high time to visit a doctor. Your body sends you signals that your heart is not working properly. It can be an early sign of cardiac or lung disease.
  • Swollen feet: The large portion of calorie food you had for dinner, pizza or hamburger does not have to be the only reason you feel “like a balloon”. Swollen and heavy legs may be an indicator that something is wrong with your heart. Fluid retention is a common symptom when the heart does not pump it and does not process the blood in the right way. Before you are frightened, ask yourself why your legs are swelling and make sure to go to a doctor if you think that it is not from the food.
  • Exhaustion: This is the most difficult symptom, because it can point to a variety of problems, and maybe you’re simply not asleep. Particularly in women, unusual fatigue can be observed during a heart attack, just like a few days before the stroke. Constant fatigue should not always be prescribed to time, but contact a doctor for review!
  • Headaches: There are several types of headaches and not every sign that your heart is weaker. But if that pain is accompanied by another symptom, such as dizziness, it may indicate an aneurysm and it requires an immediate medical examination.
  • Stomach cramps: Chest pain or unpleasant tingling of the left hand are symptoms that are most commonly associated with heart problems. However, doctors say that stomach cramps can be an indicator. Pay special attention if you experience pain

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