Fastest to Flat Stomach: Activity Better Than Running

from now on you can completely replace heavy and slightly boring abdominal exercises with a much more fun recreation that benefits not only the abdominal muscles but also the rest of the body. The world of fitness is currently delighted by jumping with the robe. One of the favorite hobbies of school days is a perfect exercise for the human body. So, at least it claims former boxer and celebrity Michael Olajide Jr., whose trainings are visited every day, by the beautiful Adriana Lima.

“When you skip a rope, many things happen at once – reflexes work, then there is coordination, time, cardio workout, concentration, speed, explosiveness, rapid changes. It is the only exercise that you can perform at the level as professional athletes and it can have equal benefits, “added the celebrity trainer.

The work is similar with running too, but Olajide still gives the advantage of skipping the rope. “Skipping the rope is more efficient than running, and running is fantastic. It is better than cycling, swimming, dancing … Burning more calories, activating more muscle groups, stimulating the brain and endorphin secretion, and ultimately giving you a wonderful sense of achievement. Another advantage is that you can get it all for one third of the time of any other exercise, “says Olajide.

The skipping of the rope strengthens the heart, shoulders, hands, chest, lower legs and, of course, the entire middle part of the body. And the first results will be visible to the abdominal muscles. For starters, it is best to combine this type of exercise with the current fitness routine. Olajide advises 10 jumps and ten seconds pause and so on until the end of your favorite song or 3 to 4 minutes.

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