3 Foods that are Healthiest to Eat for Breakfast!

People who are trying to take up extra pounds or maintain a healthy weight eat foods with a limited amount of groceries. Such a diet is difficult to maintain in the long run, and as a result, they become overweight again over time. On the other hand, people who maintain a healthy weight without sacrificing are an inexhaustible source of information for experts.

VTI Technical Research Center from Finland studied eating habits of 147 healthy people with healthy weight over four months. Researchers led by Dr. Ana-Lena Vourienne found that healthy people for breakfast usually eat three types of groceries. Fruit was the most popular choice for 51 percent of respondents; dairy products were eating by 41 percent, while the consumption of cereal flakes or cold milk muesli was the choice of 33 percent of the respondents. Although bread and bakery products are considered a source of unnecessary calories, as many as 32% of respondents start their day with this type of food. The most interesting thing is that only 26% of the respondents admitted that they drink coffee with breakfast, while the rest (74%) said that they go to work and perform their duties without the help of caffeine.

Instead of limiting diet and avoiding favorite foods, overweight can be prevented if a person learns to listen to the needs of his or her body.

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