Why Are Grapes and Plums Good For You?

With the grapes, the layers of tallow are quickly removed, and it is also healthy for eating. It is good even for the cardiovascular system, it also helps with anemia, asthma and nervous diseases. The plum is low calorie fruit that is wonderful to add to your diet.

Why are grapes good for you:

If you hesitate: black or white, give it an advantage to black (it’s healthier and successfully cleans the organism from toxins). The grapes are full of potassium and grape sugar, so you should not feel any significant starvation attacks, on the contrary, expect an increase in energy. However, a grape diet is not recommended to everyone. If you have overweight, an ulcer, diabetes, colitis, diarrhea or dysentery – consult a doctor before the diet. When choosing grapes, determine first for the one with the seeds because it contains larger amounts of polyphenols and stops the aging process.

This diet is relatively easy to carry out, while not feeling hungry. Some studies have shown that consuming grapes reduces the risk of lung cancer, so this diet is recommended primarily to smokers.

The grapes are rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and cobalt. These substances improve the work of the brain, strengthen the muscles … The grapes are good for the kidneys. It contains 20 percent sugar, so it has a great energy value. There is enough vitamin C, but the most important thing is that it is rich in bioflavonoids, antioxidants that protect cells against the influence of free radicals. The best source of flavonoids is the black grape juice. The importance of the cholesterol-lowering cholesterol should also be neglected.

If you decide on a three-day grape diet, buy 4 pounds and follow this rule:

– You eat half a kilogram on the first day;

– the second day – 1.5 kg;

– the third – two pounds.

Pauses between meals should be about two hours. During the diet you can drink teas or non-carbonated water.

If you decide on a 7-day diet, get ready for starvation:

– Do not eat anything on the first day, drink only non-carbonated water or tea. This will clear the internal organs.

– In the next six days, eat 1.5 kg of grapes per day.

If you do not want a diet, try at least one day to eat grapes to purify the body. With this diet you will pick up the digestion, you will clear the intestines, and you will lose a kilogram. You are expected to do this only during the whole day, whenever you want, to eat grapes, a total of two pounds a day.

Why are plums good for you?

Here are just a few reasons why you should not think a lot about whether plums are good for you:

  • Plums are one of the best low-calorie fruits with a very small glycemic index. Thus, despite its sweet taste, plums will not cause climbing the level of sugar in your blood.
  • They contain a non-negligible amount of vitamin C that stimulates the body’s fight with infections and increases the level of iron absorption from food, for which we have more energy.
  • Phenolic constituents of plums, such as procyanidine, neochlorogenic acid and quercetin, reduce inflammation and help neutralize oxygen that can damage our cells.

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