Aronia – Berries That Heal!

The black balls filled with a healing nectar, like a blueberry, with a mildly sour taste like a cornel cherry and unusual aroma that resembles that of currants, are a real vitamin bomb. They strengthen the potency, they heal the heart, regulate blood pressure, they recover blood vessels, melts cholesterol, prevent the onset of atherosclerosis.

The fruits of black aronia are a real vitamin bomb. Aronia improves blood circulation in the blood vessels in the head and helps with headaches and migraines. It improves the work of the thyroid gland, improves and regulates the excretion of its hormones and helps with thyroid and gush disease. It cleanses blood, improves its circulation, lowers high blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, and helps in atherosclerosis, in veins and varicose veins. It calms the cramps and pain in the stomach, soothes the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the intestine. It improves liver function and helps it neutralize harmful substances, helps with ill and impaired liver and in inflammation of the bile.

  • Eliminates harmful substances:

    Although reminiscent of cornel cherryand currants that are also curative, however, the aronia is an aronia and can not be compared to anything else. One hand of fresh fruit strengthens potency, because it contains a lot of vitamin E. If you eat three to four grains before each meal, they treat the heart and regulate blood pressure. The juice from the fruit also restores the blood vessels, melts cholesterol and prevents the onset of atherosclerosis.

    Research by Russian scientists has shown that this fruit stimulates the excrement of heavy metals, as well as some radioactive elements of the body. It is known that after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, the fruits of aronia were used to relieve the health disorders to which they were irradiated.

  • Method of use:

    The juice, that is, the tea from aronia is a very healing and strengthening drink for the elderly, as well as for the younger people. There are no side effects and in any case it works favorably on the immune system, the resistance of the body and improves the blood count.

    Apart from juice and tea, these precious fruits can be prepared tasty marmalade, compotes, fruit mushrooms, jellies, syrups and various fruit desserts, and when mixed with other fruits, it gives rich aroma. It can be eaten fresh and can be frozen for later use.

    Mature berries from aronia contain a large amount of biophenol, tannin, flavonoids and anthocyanins. Anthocyanins originate in the dark color of mature fruits, but some anthocyanins even contain substances that, like flavonoids, protect the body’s cells from damage and carcinogenic degeneration. Mature fruits of aronia contain various biophenols that disinfect and encourage wound healing. Mature fruits contain a large amount of carotene and protect the cells from damage, eyes from the appearance of gray barbell, and the skin from dangerous sunburn. The materials contained in the fruits of aronia remove heavy metals from the body and are therefore recommended for cancer patients and for those who have undergone severe surgery or have contracted a disease.

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