Daily Menu For Babies From the Seventh Month to the First Birthday

Here’s an example of a daily menu for your babies according to their age / months:

  • Seventh month: five nursing + one fruit porridge;
  • Eighth month: four nursing + one fruit porridge and one vegetable porridge;
  • Ninth month: three nursing + one fruit and one mixed porridge, cereals, yolk and yogurt;
  • Tenth month: three nursing + three fruit meals, vegetables, meat, cereal, and yolk. Yogurt and fresh cheese;
  • Eleventh Month: All the same as in the previous month, with the need to throw out a single breast feed, and the meals should be increased in quantities by adding bread;
  • Twelve months: two nursing (total of 500 ml of milk) + three main meals and two meals ( one fruit and one cereal);
  • After the first birthday: breakfast, lunch, dinner, two meals; The amount of whole milk and yogurt must not be less than 500 ml, but not more;

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