6 Tips to Stop Drinking Carbonated Drinks

Doctors and nutritionists agree that carbonated drinks are not good for our health. Although they are delicious, they are full of lots of sugar, “empty calories” and have almost no nutritional value. Whether you are a “addict” who during the day cannot be without a few bottles of carbonated drinks, or a person who occasionally drank it, These are the 6 tips on how to eliminate them from the daily diet.

  • Start slowly:

People really become addicted to fizzy drinks. As with any other addiction, the path to overcoming is gradual weaning. You will throw your body in shock, if you abruptly stop drinking because there are more chances to return to old habits.

  • Treat them as a luxury:

Carbonated drinks, although are extremely cheap and accessible everywhere, treat them as a luxurious champagne that you drink for a special occasions.

  • Dilute the beverages:

Put more ice cubes into the glass. Water from the ice will dissolve the drink, and you will be hydrated with fewer calories than the drink itself. Also, the ice will contribute to the taste of the drink itself, and with that the perception of the import of artificial sugars into the body.

  • If you already abruptly stop drinking fizzy drinks, give yourself a time:

About 2 weeks for example. Note that you will be able to survive without them at that time. If you can, continue on, but if you cannot continue slowly with slow weaning.

  • Replace them with tea that contains caffeine:

If you drink soda drinks in the form of caffeine, replace it with tea that contains caffeine. The same effect, but with less sugars, bloating and calories.

  • Try to understand when you drink the most of the carbonated drinks:

Follow the routine well from in the morning until late in the evening. If you have need of them in the morning replace them with healthier variants that will give you caffeine and energy you need throughout the day. If carbonated drinks are a trigger for stress, replace them with another activity that will eliminate stress without reaching the bottle in the fridge.

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