From Irregular Diet to Bad Face

The skin on your face shows what has the bad influence on your body – sugar, wine, milk or gluten. Bad nutrition and unhealthy habits reflect on your face skin. So when you notice that your face’s appearance has changed in a negative direction, then make sure that your diet has a major role to play.


Sugar face – The person who is sensitive to sugar has notable lines and wrinkles on the face, puffy under the eyes and very dry skin. Often subcutaneous acne appears on any part of the face. Sugar activates the process in which glucose molecules bind to the collagen, after which it becomes rigid, and the skin loses its elasticity.

Wine face – Typical symptoms are notable wrinkles between the eyebrows, redness around the eyes, dropped lids, dilated pores, dehydrated skin that is rubbing around the cheeks, reddening of the cheeks deep underline lines under the nose. The reason is excessive consumption of alcohol. It dehydrates the skin and exacerbates its appearance, while sugar in alcohol destroys the collagen.

Gluten face – Symptoms for this face are swollen and red cheeks, acne that appear on the lower part of the face, and pigmentation spots around the chin. It is assumed that 10 per cent of people are sensitive to gluten, and the most common consequence is the “swollen face” that occurs as a consequence of inflammation caused by the allergic reaction to gluten.

Dairy face – This face is distinguished by swollen lids as well as dark backs. Often occur tiny white pimples on the chin. This appearance suggests that the organism does not tolerate lactose. The reason for this may be the fact that in milk and dairy products can be found different hormones.

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