Five Effective Detox Diets That are Used by the Famous

Detox diets help our body to get rid of toxins by consuming fewer unhealthy ingredients like alcohol, caffeine, artificial sweeteners and similar things, which are replaced by liquids and foods that help the body to clean. Many people who in any way deal with show business are subjected to a variety of decto-specific diets in order to look beautiful on the red carpet, to lose some weight or to prepare for a movie role.

In addition, we present to you the 5 most famous and most effective detox diets who are used by celebrities and the rich people.


  • Detox with fresh food: This diet is used by Demi Moore and Beyonce, and includes a program that eliminates any processed foods. It starts from the assumption that cooking removes all important food enzymes and thus disables the body to detoxify itself. Diet has 5 different levels. The fifth level includes 75 percent fresh food with just one cooking meal during the day. The first level is the strictest in which only fresh foods, fruits, vegetables and juices are consumed. Strictly forbidden processed meat and artificial sweeteners. If you decide on this detox plan, you should be aware that you will deprive the body from many animal products, so it is recommended that you use appropriate supplements.


  • Vegan Detox: Hollywood actress Alicia Silverstone is the founder of this detox diet, which is believed to reduce your weight and improve skin appearance. However, this is not a quick solution, but a long-term nutrition plan that motivates you to replace processed meat and food of animal origin with foods rich in nutrients, such as vegetables and grains. You can also eat fruit and occasionally try some desserts. According to Silverstone this is not a diet aimed at banning your food, but a detox plan that will lead you to eat well, healthy and tasty.


  • 7-day detox diet: This diet is the work of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and covers a mix of smoothie, salads, soups, fruits, seeds, fish, chicken and grains. When you don’t consume unhealthy food, your body can be easily detoxified. It is practiced for 7 days, when only liquid dishes are introduced to facilitate the work of the digestive system. The toughest version of this detox plan involves the use of alkaline water, chlorophyll and aloe vera. Gwyneth says that after this detoxification, the skin will restore the old glow as the body gets energy.


  • Master Detox: To prepare for the role in the film Dreamgirls, Beyonce has subjected to this detox plan. Master Detox is also called a lemonade diet. It helps to purify the body from toxins and weight loss. In the course of 10 days you give up all kinds of hard food and consume lemon beverage. It is made with lemon juice, maple syrup, red pepper and water. This is one of the more difficult detoxifications, so strict discipline is needed to implement it.


  • 48-hour detox (shortened version): According to this detox plan, you should drink lemon fluid four times a day for two days. This formula is used by actress Anne Hathaway when she wants to look great on the red carpet. Since it is the same beverage that is used in the Master Detox with only 80 calories per day, it is recommended to use only 48 hours.

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