Feng Shui – Things That Radiate Negative Energy in Our Home

If you feel negative energy and lack of harmony in your home, check out these things that maybe help you change those negative things into positive energy and harmony.

Arrange the home after Feng Shui rules for peace and harmony. For example, if you have any damaged dishes, glasses or cups, replace them or if necessarily buy new, because it spreads negative energy. If you need to buy, you can buy cheap dishes glasses or cups, just to be whole.

Never leave empty the bowl’s with sugar and salt, they must always be half fill or full fill.

Throw away the old newspapers, magazines, documents and books into the waste bin if you don’t need them. Or, if you need them, place them on shelves and arrange them well, But do not throw them around the room or to put them in the corner of the rooms. That will bring you a bad energy.

Other things that you don’t need to do is to leave your shoes in front of the outside door, do not leave the dirty clothes in the corners of the room and do not sleep directly under a wooden beam.

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