Learn How to Make Your Diet, a Super Healthy Diet, Only in Three Weeks

Lower consumption of animal protein has more positive effects on our body, such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. That is why doctors are constantly advising about meat, to import more vegetables, legumes and grains.

Plants are like a pharmacy of nature (said by Kate Gigan, author of the book “Go Green Get Lean”). They are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that we can not get from animals. The best part of all this is that we do not have to completely eject the meat from the diet, but more often replace it with healthier options that are equally delicious and healthy for our body. Initially this can be seen as a difficult task, especially if a large part of your diet is based exactly on the meat. However, with smart planning within 3 weeks you can make a very useful and healthy change.

First Week – start with combination planning

Leave the meat on the bowl by reducing its amount like that. When buying groceries choose three types of foods that will replace the meat, such as mushrooms, beans and chickpeas. The next step is in combining proteins. If you eat a plate of meat, divide the meat into half and combine it with one of the three aforementioned foods. Reduce bacon, sausages and various types of processed meat that are filled with salt, preservatives and fats.

Second Week – start with new recipes

This time your goal is to bring in your diet 5 dishes that are vegetarian, that is dishes that do not contain meat at all. Instead of eggs for breakfast, choose a healthier variant of food, such as oats, toast with avocado, chia seeds and the like. Choose lunch or dinner in which there is no meat. There are thousands of vegetarian recipes on the Internet that will give you a good idea of what you might eat.

Third week – start and get into the routine

In the third week you should already have halved the consumption of meat in half. Plan ahead and do not be afraid to experiment with new foods. Continue to eat 5 vegetarian meals during the week and try to avoid meat for dinner over the weekends because then it is most likely to be tempted for a juicy hamburger and barbecue.

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