In Life the Most Important Thing is Love, Everything Else is Futile – 26 Tibet’s Wisdoms

Here are 26 guidelines for the life of the Tibetan sages.

  1. If you like it – express yourself.
  2. If you do not like – express yourself.
  3. If you miss someone – call him / her.
  4. If you do not understand – ask.
  5. If you want to meet with – call him / her.
  6. If you want something – search.
  7. Never argue.
  8. If you want to be clear – explain.
  9. If you’re wrong – immediately tell it and don’t seek excuse.
  10. Always remember that everyone has their own truth, often different than yours.
  11. Don’t interact with bad people.
  12. In life, it’s all about the love, everything else is in vain.
  13. The problem of the man exists only in his head.
  14. Your environment is neither good nor bad, It’s all the same whether you are here or not
  15. Make an effort to draw out pleasure from every event.
  16. Always remember that life is the most valuable thing.
  17. Don’t be boring.
  18. Remember never to owe to anyone.
  19. Remember never nobody owes you.
  20. Don’t complain about the time and money you spend on the pleasures of discovering the world.
  21. In life always count only on yourself.
  22. Trust your feelings.
  23. With women and children be patient and less humble.
  24. If you are in a bad mood, think about that when you are dead, you will not have even that.
  25. Live today, yesterday is gone now, and tomorrow may never come. Know that today is the best day.

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