Homemade Sweet Chocolate Cake


  • 300 g. sugar;
  • 300 g. chocolate;
  • 300 g. jaffas;
  • 300 g. hazelnuts;
  • 300 g. butter;
  • 3 eggs.


  • Browning 200g sugar and stir the prepared caramel with the toasted hazelnuts. Mix and place the mixture on a greased bowl to cool. The rest of the sugar mix it frothy with eggs. Mix the butter separately and cleave with the eggs, add the melted chocolate and 100g. crushed hazelnuts.
  • Chop the browning hazelnuts finely, stir the mixture and add the ground jaffas. Mix the mixture well together and pour it into molds. Leave it in the fridge to tighten.


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