Herbs Healthy Value – Lilac (The Elixir of Health)

As an antiseptic, successfully removes the symptoms of fever accompanied by high body temperature, as an analgesic relieves pain and also is used to restore the liver cells. Lilac is a favorite decoration of gardens from April to June to paint the landscapes in purple, white and blue. The beauty and fragrance of lilac, today meets parks in Europe. The flowers of this bushy tree have different shapes, depending on the variety of their belonging.

It is believed that Lilac originates from the Balkan Peninsula. Besides his fragrance, which is widely used in industry for perfume, lilac has its place in folk medicine. Sources claim that its peel and shells are natural adstringens (binding element, hardener) and treat diarrhea and other problems of the digestive system. As an antiseptic, successfully removes the symptoms of fever accompanied by high body temperature It is very effective in treating malaria, especially those with severe clinical picture. Also it has analgesic properties, and is used to remove the pain, treatment of rheumatism and nerve diseases, helps in the regeneration of liver cells and removes worms from intestines. It contains various medicinal ingredients such as syringin, tannins, bitter substances, essential oils, minerals and many more healthy components.

As a remedy, it is taken in the form of tea, which is prepared so that in two deciliters water, immerse one teaspoon chopped bark or peel from the fruit. After that, boil the tea briefly and it’s left to remain covered for one hour. According to health problems, drink 1-2 cups a day, and in severe cases you can drink up to three cups a day.

The violet oil color is known as a good remedy for the treatment of rheumatism and massage, but also for neuralgic pains. Western folk medicine uses this oil for rinsing the mouth, elimination of high temperature and cleaning the intestines. The cosmetic industry uses the extract of Lilac for gentle creams and tonics.

How to prepare a remedy for rheumatic pain: To prepare the oil of Lilac, which is considered an effective aid in rheumatic pains you need two hands fresh flowers of purple lilacs and about 700 milliliters of olive oil. Place the flowers in a large glass container (jar) and pour them with olive oil. Well covered dish let it stand on a sunny spot about half a month. Then strain the oil and store it in the refrigerator. With the Lilac oil rub the painful places at least three times during the day.

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