(Video) Workout Motivation – Calum Von Moger

Today’s fitness motivation Calum Van Moger, also known as Arnold 2.0 for his similarity with Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a WFF Mr. Universe title winner and a fitness model.

workout motivation

Calum Von Moger is 6’2’’ (188 cm) tall and weight 250 lbs (113 kg).

His first steps in the bodybuilding is when he was 14. At that time Von Moger and his older brother started training at an old warehouse with rusty iron dumbbells and barbells. Despite his body shape today, young Van Moger was a skinny and not very strong. He promotes classic bodybuilding with a focus on the aesthetic quality of the physique as opposed to just muscularity. It’s been a year since he has published the Calum Von Moger’s 6-Week Mass Training Program | Building Von Moger series following his everyday funny activities, introducing us with his meal plan and his training philosophy.


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