A Happy Person’s Habits


Researchers find some characteristics of happiness that define one person as happy. For example – a happy person never compares himself to others. One reason for that is that due to internalizing other people’s images or their perception of us  changes our sense of the subjective self of an unique well-being.




A happy person never rehashes the past because, emotionally stable person tend to survive the things that have happened to him. Rehashing the things is, or it can be, a mental habit that can damage well–being. In other words, listening the mental audio-tape of our misfortune in our head over and over, rewire our brain for compulsive and obsessive behavior.




A happy person meditates (in his or her own way) because, a person who learns how to meditate tend to have lower levels of rumination and perceived stress. Some research shows that people who are cancer patients and regularly meditate, experience decrease in mood disturbance.





A happy person finds his own happiness. To live your life and to be happy it’s not impossible, but it’s hard because to achieve this, one must seek it first. People tend to find something that satisfies them in their life, which can influence their happiness and improve their ways of reaching their own “nirvana”.




Happy person has a sense of humor. Happy well-being person has a sense of humor about everything, especially about horrible, disgusting, or depressing things and occurrences. Some researchers show that self-defeating humor has ill effects on your well-being, while self-enhancing humor, obviously, helps you.



A happy person eats well by consuming healthy, cheap, and delicious nutrition. Most of the people who are obese is because they don’t eat well. Eating healthy nutrients like fruits, vegetables, along with some exercise can really change the person positively.



Try to get enough sleep. Sleeping disorders can affect happiness or its achievement because you can get short-tempered, impulsive, irrational, and irritable. All of this affect your attempt to achieve happiness effectively.  Try to find out how many hours of sleep on average you need on a regular basis. Do experiment with that! Scientists advise that if we want to have enough sleep, we should sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day (or night).

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