The Mental Hygiene Concept


When you think of proper hygiene try not to confuse physical with mental hygiene. Physical hygiene refers more to, for example, brushing your teeth three times a day or washing your hands every time before a meal. Mental hygiene presents the foci on taking care for your mind the same way you do it for your body. Physical hygiene help’s your body stay in top shape and condition to move and function, but on the other hand, your mental hygiene helps your mind stay sharp.  Mental hygiene is also a medicine branch defined as a psychiatry that deals with the science and practice of maintaining and restoring mental health, as well as, preventing mental disorders through education, early treatment, and public health measures.

If you are hoping for overall health and well-being, you need to incorporate a few strategies that improve your mental hygiene. For example: building your positive attitude by challenging negative thought patterns, stop comparing yourself to others, be a grateful person, etc. Other method for maintaining your mental hygiene is by learning to manage your emotions. That can be done by being able to acknowledge when you are not feeling great, or by expressing your emotions in a healthy way.

– Some tips to improve your mental hygiene

We can begin by telling you that thinking about your problems all the time without finding some solution about them is called rumination. This type of process can lead you to depression and cardiovascular diseases.  To stop this happening to you, you must first challenge your negative thoughts. You can challenge your negative thoughts by questioning their validity or certainty reflecting upon the possible objective scenarios. Ask yourself whether the situation is as bad as you are thinking is or not. But for every situation there is a solution, no matter how difficult it seems to be to you. Just believe in yourself, stop for a minute, think of the problem; and by thinking of it, the solution will come out all by itself. Another tip is to try not to compare yourself with others. Comparison to others abolishes the unique talents and gifts we posses.  By comparing your own abilities to someone else’s, whom you perceive as better than yourself, can cause depreciation of your strengths. Everyone has areas in which they are strong and areas in which they are weak. Comparison simply takes your uniqueness. People not always have self-esteem, especially after failure. Therefore, that is the moment when you have to search for positive thoughts about yourself in order to bring your self-esteem back. To boost your self-esteem try this affirmations every day in front of a mirror: My opinions match who I am; I believe in myself; I am a work-in-progress; I’m a valuable person who is worthy of respect; I love who I am; My success is determined by how warm and loving I am to myself; I count my blessings; and so on. There are many affirmations that can boost your self-esteem.

Also, here are some other tips on how to keep your mental hygiene up and running – ( %20 )





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