Pear Jam – Recipe


According to some records, pear cultivation dates back 3,000 years ago and presumably people have enjoyed this fruit since the Stone Age.

There are about thousand types of pears that vary in color, shape, size, taste, and length of storage.

This delicious pear jam is fruity in taste and the spices added to its preparation give a special flavor worth dying for it.



– 3 lemons;

– About 1.5 kg of pears;

– 40 g fresh ginger;

– 400-500 g of sugar;

– 2 sticks cinnamon;



Wash and drain the lemons. Wash the pears and then peel them and clean them from seeds. Finally, chop the pairs and immediately mix in lemon juice. Then grind or blend them until they turn into a homogeneous mixture.  Wash and clean the Ginger. Chop it in tiny pieces and add it to the mashed pears.  Add the sugar and cinnamon sticks and the mixture place it in a higher pot to boil.  Cook and stir until it gets foam on the surface.  Remove the foam and the cinnamon.  Finished pears jam put it into clean, sterilized jars which are still warm. Close them airtight and let them to stay upside down (laying the lid on its main) for about 15 minutes. Keep the jar in a cold and dark place.

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