Excellent Exercises for Those Who Hate Gym

Some people just don’t like gym, or choose other ways to lose some weight and be in their top form. If you are one of them and looking for effective exercises that will shape your body we offer several alternative ways that will make you fit!

  • Workout Hula Hoops

This plastic ring will shape your abdominal muscles, arms and legs, and can burn up to 200 calories in just half an hour spinning. In a company of hoop for you will be more fun and the workout of 30 or more minutes will pass away more quickly.

  • Walk

Want to lose weight? Just walk! Walking will help to get rid of excess weight, and also won’t let you feel as tired as after hard training. Make specific rout for walk, take on your comfortable shoes and start walking. Start with small distances, and then gradually increase them.

  • Ride a bicycle

Cycling is great for those who don’t like the gym. This cardio training will boost your energy, and is suitable for those who have problems with their joints. It is enough just to sit on the bike and make your way anywhere you want.

  • Team sports

Team sports are good and fun, especially when playing with friends. By playing football, basketball or volleyball you will frame the whole body and your desired look.

  • Exercise yoga

Yoga is a great way to exercise your body. Yoga will help you breathe better, it will stretch your muscles, shapes the body and you’ll feel perfectly. There are many types of yoga, but first choose some simple exercises. Later, when you become more flexible you can start with those more complex.

  • Dance

Visit classes in salsa or some other fast dance. Dancing at a rapid pace with this sensual dance can burn up to 600 calories per hour. The advantage of this “exercise” is that you can practice it with your partner. It’s Ideal for couple’s coaching.

  • Ride BiWa

Biwa or Bike Washing Machine is a combination of static bike and washing machine and it’s a perfect combination for those who like to ride static bike and don’t want to wash their clothes. This may sound strange, but this device combines these two activities in one machine. In the inside of the bicycle is integrated mini washing machine that washes your clothes while spinning the pedals.

“My Modern Met” writes that this invention is invented by a group of students from University of Dalian Nationalities of China. By the creators this device works in a simple way – when you spin, the machine is also spinning and in the same time the energy that is generated can be used to activate the display or to be kept for some other exercising or washing.

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