Tips on How to Keep Your Energy throughout the Entire Week

In today’s era of constant stress and fast way of life, we lose energy much faster. By the end of the week we are already exhausted, feeble and simply can’t wait for the weekend. We often resort to energy drinks and coffee as an effort to increase energy, but how to replenish our energy in a natural way?

These tips will help you and will show you how to keep your energy up for the whole week.



  • Don’t eliminate carbohydrates from the diet

They are a major source of energy in the daily diet, but if you are able to re-select, always choose the healthier variant. Choose black instead of white bread, brown rice instead of white pasta or bakery products with wholegrain flour. Don’t deprive from them, only try to replace them with the healthier variations.




  • Always do exercises

Physical activity in whatever form you practice will improve your circulation and will bring you more energy. Do jogging, gym, dancing, do anything that is related with exercising. Try your favorite activity to practice every day, even when you feel that you have lack of motivation, at least 30 minutes if you are unable for 60 minutes.



  • Eat spinach

Replace the lettuce salad with spinach salad Instead of putting lettuce in sandwiches, salads and other prepared dishes, put fresh spinach. Spinach will give you iron, magnesium and minerals that are needed by your body.



  • Have early breakfast

Do not postpone the breakfast. During sleep your body loses energy and when you wake up, you should immediately make up for the lost energy. It is best to do this with a healthy breakfast that will give you the necessary vitamins, healthy fiber and protein. They will turn into energy not only during the rest of the day, but during the whole week.



  • Drink plenty of water

Not fruit juices, not carbonated juices, not energy drinks – just drink water. Water will give the necessary hydration throughout the day to prevent dizziness, especially if you have low pressure. Drink water even if you are not thirsty, but if you have to consume other types of liquids try to find the healthiest options. Also, eat fruit with high content of water.



  • Consume iron

The body needs iron, and you can find it in liver, chickpea, corn, pumpkin seeds, beans soy, beans, lentils, sesame, and according to the most of the medicine personnel experts, women need to import iron as twice as much than men.



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