Natural Remedies For Inflamed Gums

If you have inflamed gums (stomatitis) and want to heal them, use the following natural remedies:


  • Pour 15-20 g of chamomile flowers in a glass of water. Allow the tea to stand and strain it and add 4 grams boric acid powder. Use as an antiseptic and anti means for rinsing the mouth.




  • Make tea from marigold in the following way: One tablespoon of marigold flowers, pour 1 cup boiling water. Cook softly for about 10 minutes and strain. Used as anti-inflammation, antibacterial and regenerative agent for rinsing the mouth.



  • Take three larger cloves garlic, grind them and mix with 2 teaspoons yogurt. The mixture should be kept in the mouth and tongue to deploy on the painful spots. Repeat this several times over several days.




  • Make a tincture of cilantro in the following way: Stir in cilantro jar with vodka or 40% alcohol in the proportion of 1: 5. Before using, the mixture should stand in a well-sealed jar, two weeks. This is anti- inflammation remedy for rinsing the mouth. Place 30-40 drops in half cup of water, and with this remedy rinse your mouth.



  • Grate raw potato and with him venture on the inflamed gums.





  • With ginger powder venture the painful spots and leave it to take effect over the night.




  • Rinse your mouth three times a day with fresh squeezed carrot juice. The juice should dilute it with water in the proportion 1: 1.





  • Rinse your mouth with fresh pressed juice of cabbage. The juice should dilute it with water in the proportion 1: 1.




  • Cloves act antiseptic. Proved to help with toothache and inflammation of the gums. Chewing the cloves will decrease the pain.





  • Chew fresh leaves aloe or sage.



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