A Brief Test That Can Determine Your Character

We present to you a short test that manages to reveal your attributes and qualities as a person.

It is best to rely on your inner voice and to answer the question about your favorite or what you want more?

  1. Cucumber or Tomato?
  2. Melon or Watermelon?

Here is your combination of answers:


Cucumber and Melon – This response is typical of men more than for women. Men of this type are brave and serious. Rarely fall under the influence. Among them are many athletes and people who love of travel. Women besides such a man feel like to have a firm support – his responsibility is to take care of family relationships.                    Defects – lacks romance.

Women of these type often become bosses, but in family life are helpless as children, often do not know to cook, do not know how to manage the family budget and do not like housework. But on the other hand, the man always manages to find a true friend who fully understands it, besides a wife like this.

Cucumber and Watermelon – This kind of people are constantly experiencing mental confusion. Their outward peace and restraint hide behind a lot of tension. For such men we may say: “Calm water runs deep”. With such a man you live like a volcano – you never know what will happen tomorrow.

This type of women does not argue for any trifles, they gather information, and then follow insults. But on the other hand, they are quite creative, and among them are hidden many scientists and researchers.

Tomato and Melon – This type of people are balanced, careful and calm. They love beautiful things and have excellent taste. Men of this type are often musicians, artists, and above all people with experience.

This type of women are easy to fall in love, they are passionate and constant. They are faithful, gentle and attentive, unlike men who often tend to be selfish and egotistical.

Tomato and Watermelon – This type of people are always cheerful and active. Communicative, but very often tend to be explosive, which can sometimes bring them cause dramas. These types of men are fairly lazy and gourmets.

These types of women are emotional, love their home and love animals. Beside them is always warm and cozy. They do not want intrigue, but again, they always say that it is of note. Honesty is the main quality of this type of people.


The best marriages are connected with

  1. Man “Tomato and Watermelon”               –           Wife” Tomato and Melon
  2. Man “Tomato and Melon”                           –           Wife” Cucumber and Melon
  3. Man “Cucumber and Watermelon”         –           Wife” Tomato and Watermelon
  4. Man “Cucumber and Melon”                     –           Wife” Cucumber and watermelon

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