3 Facts That You Must Know if You Like to Lose Weight

You try to lose weight for months or perhaps years. Finally, you lose enough weight just to fit in your jeans from high school, but sooner or later, they won’t fit again.

Why weight loss is so difficult?

Well, mostly because these few things that you must accept:

  1. Hiking is not enough – Healthy eating is the key to weight loss, but if your goal is a little more distant, it is not enough. You will need to insert also some exercises, not just walk around the neighborhood. Most recommendations will say that to lose weight you should exercise at least 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. We’re talking about the kind of exercises that will speed pulse – running, cycling and roller or intense cardio exercise room. An hour may seem like a lot, but once you detach the time, it would be something that would rejoice every day. Besides burning calories, exercise will form the muscles that will help you consume more calories. You get the definition of the body, which only further you closer to your destination, and you will feel better. Exercise can be a way to afford little pleasures: if you go to walk two hours, you know you can enjoy dessert after dinner without feeling guilty. Daily exercise is just as important as proper nutrition and adapt as your life, losing weight and maintaining weight becomes really easy.
  2. Diets are not solution – Many people lose weight by giving up carbohydrates or decide to go for another diet, but these methods have lasting results. They are not at all healthy and they are so restrictive that eventually will eat anything you want. Plus, when you get to your destination you return to your old habits – and therefore the weight returns. The losing weight and the ability to maintain your weight consists in a complete change of lifestyle. That means finding a healthy “diet” that can employ a lifetime. What it is proven to work is a diet full of fruits and vegetables, whole-grain and light protein. Of course you must not eat something “bad” at times it is even healthy for you because it will eliminate the desire, but it should be used sparingly. It will take time to get used to, but once you do, you’ll wonder how you could be so unhealthy.
  1. It is important to count your calories – Losing weight is simple mathematics – the number of calories should not exceed the number of calories that the body can burn. And to lose weight, you need a calorie deficiency. Counting calories may seem very strict, but if you count how much you eat, it is possible that you will never be able to reach the desired weight. Start by talking to your doctor about how much weight you want to lose, and he or she will help you determine how much you should eat and how much to spend. Many successful people have achieved with excess weight by keeping a diary of diet or have an application that counts how many calories is each meal. Also, it is important to watch the size of the portion.

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