School Preparedness – Psychomotor Maturity Indicators

These are the main indicators that show whether your child is ready for school or not: Has a good eye-hand coordination, especially between fine finger and eye movement. Draws a human figure with head, body, hands, feet and details (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, fingers, and clothing). Draws at least 6 lines per 20 seconds on a sheet of […]

How Do Television, Picture Books, and Other Print Media Influence Children’s View of “Reality”?

Most of the children between three and four, especially when watching TV, get confused when they are asked to distinguish the real wimp from its appearance on television. TV programs show “realistic” appearance of characters who are doing something or being involved in events that might be true, or not.  What is shown on television, preschool children (under age of 7) […]

Pear Jam – Recipe

According to some records, pear cultivation dates back 3,000 years ago and presumably people have enjoyed this fruit since the Stone Age. There are about thousand types of pears that vary in color, shape, size, taste, and length of storage. This delicious pear jam is fruity in taste and the spices added to its preparation give a special flavor […]

Brigadeiros (Brazilian dessert) – Recipe

Brazil can be represented with many things including food, culture, cocktails, and many delicious desserts. Most recognizable dessert of this South American country is certainly Brigadeiro. These Brigadeiro balls are dessert that Brazilians are proud with. Created in 1940, Brigadeiro balls filled with chocolate decadence and chocolate delight with every bite. They can be serving […]

Chickpeas Healthy Benefits

Chickpeas are legumes that originated in the Middle East but quickly spread to India, the Mediterranean countries and in America. They are yellow and brown in appearance reminiscent of dried peas. You can eat them boiled or fried, they have a high calorific value and very rich in nutrients. Because they contain high levels of […]

Useful Information’s About Blood Sugar (Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes)

Blood sugar is actually a glucose that is created in process of food digestion and as such directly enters in the blood. Blood sugar is used as a primary source of energy in the body. The excess is stored in the liver and adipose tissue to be used in energy requirement. Normal level change in […]