Exercise Threats for Overweight People


Obesity is among the most dangerous factors for health because it involves joint problems, high risk of heart attack and stroke, and premature death. Although exercise is a key to weight loss, it still poses some risks when it comes to overweight people. But this does not mean that they cannot exercise, but before starting regular physical activity, they should consult with a doctor in order to ensure that enough healthy exercise, and to lay down certain precautions.

Here are some problems that overweight people could face in training:

Problems with the skin – Exercise causes sudden movements of your body. In obese people, this can cause friction of the skin and her irritation. The sweat, in turn, can further irritate the friction, which can lead to sores and fungal infections. In order to prevent infection, wear clothes for workouts designed to absorb sweat. Also helpful will be the application of talcum powder in problematic areas, which can reduce friction and the workouts would be more comfortable.

Respiratory problems – Exercise required breathing rapidly, and people who are not used to physical activity can lose their breath. If you have difficulty breathing, slow down with the physical activity and Try to breathe slowly and deeply. Or simply straighten up or walk in one place. Also, try not to forget to drink water.

Heart failure – Cardio exercises increase the heart rate and exercise the heart muscle, which in time should be strengthened. However, if the heart rate becomes too high, cardio workouts can cause a heart attack, and heart delays can cause arrhythmias and stroke. Although anyone can have heart delays while exercise, but in obese people the risk is greater. They usually have higher blood pressure, slower heart and poor circulation, which affect an increased risk of cardiac arrest. Ask your doctor about your maximum that you are allowed to increase the heart rate during exercise. For many people, the pulse should be 220 minus your age, but this may vary depending on the degree of obesity and overall health.

Damage to the joints – Overweight brings additional pressure on the joints and obese people suffer from such problems, including arthritis. Certain exercises, such as running, are already stressful for joints. In some extreme cases, the pressure on the joints can lead to their violation or damage to the muscles or ligaments, and can deteriorate old injuries.

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