Problem With Breathtaking and Traditional Bronchitis Cure

Traditional bronchitis cure

      For you to cope out with this disease, you need to drink-raspberry juice.

For many years he is used as a cure for cold, thanks to the salicylic acid presence in its content. It is known that diseases of the upper respiratory tract often are complicated by the so-called “pus bacteria”. The essential oils of the berries, which give a pleasant aroma to this fruit, have destructive effects on these bacteria. To prevent infection and for increasing immunity, it is necessary to use up to 2kg fresh per year, and in the winter drink tinned juice from raspberries. You should drink raspberry juice half a cup three times a day, at least half an hour before meals.


In bronchitis it may occurs an inflammation of the vocal cords. In that case it is necessary to use the black gooseberry juice. Due to the large amount of vitamin C, this juice acts as a tool to strengthen the body and to supplement the lack of vitamins. The black gooseberry juice with honey should be taken one-third per cup, three times a day before meals. Juice diluted in water, is used for rinsing throat inflammation of the throat and oral cavity 4-5 times a day. To reduce bronchitis inflammation we can use juice from rowan, which contains vitamins C and R, reinforces our body and acts against inflammation. The juice from rowan should be use by a quarter cup at least three times a day, half an hour before meals.

The common colds are accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as coughing and the flow of mucus from the nose.


Problems with breathtaking


      One of the cardiovascular diseases is problems with breathtaking. It is considered as one of the early symptoms of insufficient heart function. Stagnation of the blood in the lungs and the slow-down flow of the blood in the bloodstream, leads to great visible excitement of the breathing center. With other words, those who suffer from heart problems have a lack of air feeling. Moreover, it happens not only during intense physical effort but also in a state of inactivity. To prevent these diseases, help regular physical exercise, moderation use of grease and alcohol and the sweet and sour rosehip juice.

We suggest one of the most popular recipes for rosehip juice:

  • 5 to 1 cup of rosehip juice;
  • 2-3 spoons honey ;
  • 2 spoons lemon juice;

The fresh rosehip juice, mix it with honey and lemon juice.

Combine the components with a mixer and heat them a little.

Use this mixture one hour before meals, 2-3 times a day.

Many types of medicinal herbs contain substances that stimulate the heart and maintain his normal rhythm. Some of them, like red thimble (Digitalis purpurea) have a very strong effect, and therefore may not be used without professional supervision.

Red hawthorn (Crateagus laevigata) has less yet effective action and is most suitable for standalone use. Red hawthorn cause expansion of blood vessels and promotes the work of the heart muscle, which relieves the arrhythmia. Place two to three teaspoons red hawthorn in a glass of boiled water. Drink 4 cups daily.

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