How to Sustain Arrhythmia Cardiovascular Disease

This healthy disorder isn’t accompanied by pain, but still it is difficult to be submitted. Sometimes arrhythmia is manifested by (tachycardia) or delayed (bradycardia) heartbeat.


In such cases it is helpful to use the following ingredients:

  • 1 – 2 spoons of hawthorn juice and 1 spoon lemon juice.

These juices should be mixed and the mixture should be use once a day.




Cardiac arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat is any disruption to the normal rhythm of the heart. Nearly everyone, sooner or later, will experience some form of cardiac arrhythmia, usually weak palpitation or “skip” the heart beats. Small, occasional irregularities of this nature are generally harmless. For infrequent arrhythmia you must consult with a doctor.

Cardiac arrhythmia are divided into two main groups: tachycardia or rapid heartbeat (symptoms: a strong pulse in the neck, “hoist” heart, trembling, murmur and knocking in the chest, weakness, fainting, sweating, difficulty breathing, confusion or dizziness) and bradycardia, or slow heartbeat (symptoms: fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness or loss of consciousness).

  • Home care

In case of tachycardia, the best remedy is stagnation. Take a deep breath and loosen up.

Fair pressing on the swell carotid artery can stop the attack of tachycardia.

In arrhythmia atriums try to apply the “vagal maneuver.” Sit down; fold in half forward, hold your breath and tense as you want to inflate the balloon. These will preferential control of the sympathetic nervous system that is speeding up the physical functions of the parasympathetic nervous system that slows down bodily functions.

  • Other nature remedies:


Many types of medicinal herbs contain substances that stimulate the heart and maintain his normal rhythm. Some of them, like red thimble (Digitalis purpurea) have a very strong effect, and therefore may not be used without professional supervision.




Red hawthorn (Crateagus laevigata) has less yet effective action and is most suitable for standalone use. Red hawthorn cause expansion of blood vessels and promotes the work of the heart muscle, which relieves the arrhythmia. Place two to three teaspoons red hawthorn in a glass of boiled water. Drink 4 cups daily.

  • Nutrition for heart maintenance

Calcium, magnesium and potassium play a major role in maintaining the heart. The lack of these minerals may cause cardiac arrhythmia. (Even excess can cause problems, especially excess of calcium). Magnesium has in nuts, legumes, soybeans, dark-green vegetables and fish. Magnesium has in nuts, legumes, soybeans, dark green vegetables and fish. Many vegetables and fruits are important sources of potassium. Please note that excessive salt intake of saturated fatty acids such as diuretics and laxatives may reduce the reserves of potassium and magnesium in the body. Nicotine is a stimulant and in sensitive people can cause arrhythmia.

  • Did you know


Have you ever wondered how seals survive the shock of sudden immersion in cold water? Like other mammals, it protects the reaction of the vegetative nervous system, which currently slows the speed of the heart. This reaction exists in humans, and can greatly help in case of occasional bouts of tachycardia. Over the next attack immerse your face in cold water. The rate of heart beat immediately will sharply reduce, which may prevent tachycardia.

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