Frozen Fruity Yogurt Recipe

This recipe is easy to make for kids. With a few ingredients and minimal equipment, this could be a great healthy dessert, snack or breakfast for your kids. This recipe can be adjusted by using fresh fruit of your choice (strawberries or blackberries) or dry fruit, or if you like to make it dairy free just use soya yogurt. It’s better to use natural yogurt because it has no added sugar and it’s healthier for your kid. Also if you involve your kid into the cooking it will be better for him to learn habits about healthy eating that can last a lifetime. Cooking is a life skill that is never wasted and for that it’s good to teach your kid to build confidence and to encourage him to try new foods.

For this recipe you need to use a reusable silicone muffin cups or paper cupcake cases. It’s better to use a silicone cups because with them you can make a different shapes like “Christmas star” or “heart for Valentine’s Day”.


  • 200g Yogurt of your choice;
  • Handful of fresh raspberries;
  • Handful of fresh blueberries;


  • Gather the ingredients. Lay out 12 cupcake cases on a small baking sheet that fits in your freezer. Put the yogurt into the bottom of each cake case. Now put the pieces of fruit into each cup. Press them down into the yogurt with the tip of your finger. Now place the baking sheet into the freezer and leave it there for couple of hours. After they freeze, remove them from the cases and serve. If you like to eat them for breakfast you throw a few into a bowl of cereal.

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