Kefir – The Elixir of Life

8d71218ea3f1c82e71bbb41840ff1829According to the legend, the grains and instructions for its preparation, the natives receive it directly from the Prophet Muhammad, along with an order to store the secret.

It is considered as an elixir of youth, life and longevity. This delicious and refreshing sour drink is prepared by the so-called Kefir mushroom, although it is actually a symbiosis of beneficial bacteria and fungi.

Experience has shown that kefir positively affects the health, cure or help in the treatment of many diseases and pains. The kefir is not fattening. In 100g with a fat content of 3,5g, it has 63 calories which is the same as in yogurt, and has a strong capacity to regulate the digestive system. People who have problems with their digestive system and bone problems use it, because the bacteria that kefir has, help in their empowerment.

There is also so-called water kefir known as Japanese crystals. He belongs to the kefir fungus kind. It has similar properties just like kombucha, but is much simpler to maintain (just like milk kefir).

The kefir helps to normalize blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, increases immunity and reduces the risk of cancer.

Regular consumption of kefir:

  • Strengthens immunity; 13713399_10155078346919778_1264083705_n
  • Cleanses the body of toxins;
  • Helps to establish a normal blood pressure;
  • Reduces the level of cholesterol;
  • Assists in gastric diseases;
  • Restores the flora and relives intestinal diseases;
  • Helps with diseases of the liver, kidney and gall;
  • Treats inflammatory processes (natural antibiotic)
  • Helps in anemia and poor circulation;
  • Cure respiratory diseases;
  • Helps with stress, insomnia and disorders of the nervous;
  • Acts against fungi and bacteria – slows down the spread of cancer cells;
  • Helps in asthma and allergies;

Also contains a lot of probiotics or so-called good bacteria that are very important for the digestive tract such as: Lactobacillus, Caucasus, Leuconostoc, Streptococcus, Acetobacter and some beneficial yeasts such as Saccharomyces and Torula).

It is important to note that the industry produced kefir is not obtained by using the “mushroom of kefir”, but by hops and cultures of bacteria that gives the drink taste the same, but without quality. It’s best to prepare it at home.

Where to purchase mushroom of kefir?

  • Unfortunately the kefir mushroom can’t be purchase in trade. You can purchase from someone who already has. It quickly multiples, so no problem to share it with others.Preparation of kefir:
    • Here are some videos that will guide you how to make milk or water kefir:

    This video will guide you how to prepare homemade water kefir. Just follow the instructions and you will have your water kefir in no time. Or if you like to make a milk kefir, watch the video below.

This video will guide you how to prepare homemade milk kefir. Just follow the instructions and you will have your milk kefir in no time.


If you want to take a break from the preparation and consumption of the kefir, just wash the trickle kefir grains with cold water, pour them with a little milk and place them in the fridge. If you want them stored little bit longer, you need to freeze the washed grains in a tap water, or simple just dry the kefir grains. When you want to re-activated the kefir grains, just put them in a little milk on a room temperature and wait for them to pick up. Drain and discard the first amount of condensed milk.

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