Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 2) – part three

Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 1)

Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 2) – part one

Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 2) – part two

In the previews post I have given a review on the significantly that our breakfast has in our daily diet and in the achievement to get in a healthy lifestyle mode.

Your gut is used to overeating or to irregular small and large mixed food portions. So, your body demands for a large amount of sugars (carbs) at once. Then your body use them as an energy storage (fat) so later while you are starving, can use it as an energy fuel. To beet this unnecessary urgent you should have one breakfast immediately after you wake up and one during your breakfast break at work (some 01:30 to 02:30 hours later). This was sad and explained in an earlier post.

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As mentioned before in part one and part two of this lesson all the nutrition you need comes from fruits, vegetables, milk products (usually yogurt), kefir yogurt, nuts, oatmeal, almonds, rye flakes, wheat flakes, barley flakes, pumpkin seed, berries (grape, litchi, avocado, guava, uchuva, loquat, etc.), strawberries, apples (off course ), bananas (bananas are berries too), cherries, eggs, Indian nuts, Brazilian nuts (be careful with those devils as they have high concentration of selenium), rice, peanuts, walnuts etc. The list actually is much longer and that is the beauty of it. It all depends whether you are vegetarian, have diabetes, heart condition, high cholesterol and so on. In that case you should follow this program, but you should consult with you doctor/clinician first. E.g. if someone has high cholesterol should avoid eggs in the breakfast routine, or if someone has diabetes should avoid milk, honey, to many fruits etc. You get my point.

I prefer for the first breakfast a tasty smoothie. It’s healthy, clean, you blend it in no time, plus the sound of the blender wakes you in no time.

Here are a few recipes for ultimate first breakfast enjoyment:

  1. My nutria – take in mind that I do fitness, so I spend a lot of energy.

Put in a blender two bananas, one cup of yogurt, one cup of milk, one carrot, one apple, a bit of a ginger (small peace), honey, two tea spoons grinded walnuts, one egg and bland them all together. The taste is perfect. It’s a large portion though, so you can alternate the recipe as follow: instead of two put one banana, one cup of yogurt, one carrot, ginger, honey, either one egg or two table spoons walnuts. Drink to the bottom.

  1. Marry Berry – for the red road

Put in a blender 2 cups of blackberries (or a mixed of dark and light red berries), strawberries, two cups of yogurt and honey. Drink to the bottom.

  1. The nutcracker prodigy – energy booster

One banana, one cup of grinded almonds, one cup of grinded walnuts, one cup of milk or one cup of yogurt, one cup of blackberries, honey. Bland it and drink to the bottom.

  1. The cleaner – red belly saver

Bland two carrots, one apple, one beetroot, two cups of ice, honey all together. Drink to the bottom.

There are many more recipes and I will spend an entire article on this issue with nutrition statistics and facts.


For the second breakfast I prefer yogurt (with no sugar) or milk (with no sugar)  with in a mixture of nuts, oatmeal, almonds, rye flakes, wheat flakes, barley flakes, pumpkin seed, walnuts, peanuts and honey (you can replace the honey with dried fruit as dried grape, dries strawberries etc. – avoid too many dried fruit as for they have sugar).

Sometimes first I eat the homemade cereal specialty and later during the breakfast break I drink my smoothie.

Advice: Don’t put lemons, grapefruits or anything that tastes alike in your smoothie.

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