Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 2) – part one

Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 1) – Introduction to the beauty of the simple healthy life style math

Whatever your reason is for wanting to make a change in your lifestyle to a healthier one is justified, and all begins with a change in your diet. An 80% of a healthy lifestyle belongs to a healthy and well-chosen diet. In this lesson I, along with a couple of scientific confirm facts, will try to introduce you with the beauty of healthy eating. I truly hope that you will remember this post as the initial motivation for you to start with healthy diet and get healthier, leaner or just stay in a good and fit shape.


As a young boy, I was in my best. I did a few sports. I was sprinting, I was doing couple of martial art disciplines, skateboarding, roller skating… And all went well until I stopped with sporting and took my part due to an unhealthy eating. At first I lost some weight just to gain more than a few ponds in less than a year. So, 3-4 years with a bad eating habits and not exercising, changed me. I was overweight and most of the time I was feeling tiered. Until I decide to get back in track. But, that is history. And now I am here finding myself writing and article that might help you to adapt with ease to a healthier eating habits.

The Basics of a Healthy Diet

How well you eat defines you. You are what you eat. This philosophy is what kept me going. But, I must confess something. Changing my dietary habits was fun and a tasty adventure for me.

Here is why:

First of all, we define what crap food is.

  1. A food that the ingredient list is longer than the list of all U.S.A. presidents or the ingredients have code names like E-651.
  2. If it comes bagged or wrapped from a drive-thru window or a vending machine.
  3. If it says that is all natural and healthy inside and somehow managed to stay on the store top shelf for a mounts (there is exception for some vacuum food products and some type of foods that can last, like honey for example).
  4. If you need more than two steps (chop it and cook it) to get to the point where the food is actually eatable.

And what healthy food is:

  1. A food that grew from or in the ground (vegetables and fruits).
  2. Meat comes from animals that eat grass or other nutrition compounds that are on and in the ground/dirt.
  3. Things come from the ocean, sea or river (fish, algae).
  4. The products that come from the animals mentioned above (eggs, nuts, milk).

Note that instead of drinking milk, you should consume milk products as the cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt. And if you don’t like milk or milk products there are many alternatives in which I will dedicate a post later. Also, try to eat fried food as rare as you can.

Off course your diet depends on your health state, so before you start a specific diet and you have a chronic disease, consult with you doctor first.

Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 2) – part two

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