How to Get Rid of the Cough in a Natural Way

For expectorant it is very useful to drink the following components:


  • 50ml of blueberry juice;
  • 10ml of sugar syrup or honey;

Mix the components.

Use this mixture 2-3 times a day by 1 spoon. During treatment, it is good to drink this remedy instead of water.

It should be noted that medicines who suppress the cough and those who serve to expectorant, in no way should be used simultaneously. The folk or known as Traditional medicine has excellent remedy for cough.


  • 250g ground coffee;
  • ½kg of honey; 
  • Half a liter of small blueberry juice;

Mix all the components well. Use from the mixture one spoon before meal.

Prepared mixture will be enough for treatment for over 20 days.

To get rid of cough and recover your body, a great traditional remedy can help you – a black gooseberry juice. You can prepare this potion with gooseberry juice, boiled water and sugar.

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