Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 1)

We all do care about our health and our look. Taking care of your health and your look is a must. And for those who think that this is just a modern trend, remind them of the philosophy that our gym teacher taught us: Mens sana in corpore sano – Healthy Mind in Healthy Body. But, there are still some stereotypes about what healthy means, and what a healthy person should look like. What a woman or a man must do to stay healthy? Can I guess what most will say? – Staying healthy is a tough everyday a must do thing. Well, I will enlighten them today. Staying healthy is a way of life. It’s a life style, just as smoking, drinking, overeating, oversleeping during your day off work, watching your favorite TV shows in the evening or in the morning… You get my point.

The three fundamentals of having a healthy life style and for someone to be qualified as a healthy person are mental health, healthy eating habits and exercising.

For all of the three fundamentals of the Healthy Lifestyle you’ll need a mental preparation. For the first fundamental of the Healthy Lifestyle (a good mental health) means you have to get a good rest. That means getting a good night’s sleep and a short rest during daytime. You may include meditation (something I do regularly after workout, or before bedtime), reading positive thoughts and trying to remember them. Reading books and articles that I am into.

The second fundamental (the most important of all) is about 80% of the importance of having a quality life. Healthy eating habits means:

  • a) you should never let yourself starving,
  • b) drop the junk food from your everyday,
  • c) eat healthy & quality food.

The mental preparation for the first to fundamentals of having a Healthy and Quality Lifestyle, I’ll discuss further in later posts.

In this post I’ll review the issue of the mental preparation for someone to start exercising.

Luckily, science introduce us to the beauty of the simple healthy life style math.

When comes to the exercise, this is an issue that many of us are solving it with one simple sentence: I have no time for exercise. And there are many topics like “10 Ways to Lose Weight When You Have No Time”, “Try This 10 Tips When You Have No Time for Exercise” etc. It is time for me to show you the simple math I was talking about. When you are changing your current life style to a healthier one, one of the fundamentals is exercising. You start with, lets say 3 hours per week (an hour every other day, and taking two days off the hook to rest). There are 168 hours in a week. Approximately, we sleep for 56 hours (7 days X 8 hours), so 168-56=112. We are awake for 112, but we go to work six days per week, that is 112-48=64 hours. If you decide to practice, the math says 64-3=61 hours. Suddenly you still have 61 hours of time for your hobby, seeing with friends, watching your favorite TV shows, get ready for your exam etc. In fact 3 hours of the week is less than 2% of your time. So, you should think twice before the next time you’re making excuses for not practicing the healthy life style every day.

Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle (Lesson 2) – The Basics of a Healthy Diet

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