Some Tips to Help Your Cut Flowers Last Longer in Your Vase

Some Tips to Help Your Cut Flowers Last Longer in Your Vase

Use this tips of household ingredients if you wish your cut flowers to stay fresh in your vase for a few more days.

Put copper coin in vase water – The copper in coins is known to act like an acidifier that prevents the bacteria from growing and because of that you can use a copper coin and a small cube of sugar into your vase water if you wish your flowers to last longer.

Use bleach in your vase water – Add ¼ spoon of blech per one liter of vase water to have your cut flowers fresh and to stay longer in your vase. There is another variation which calls to use 3 drops of blench and a spoon of sugar in one liter water. These ingredients will prevent your water from getting cloudy and bacteria growth.

Add few drops of vodka in vase water – A few drops of vodka along with one spoon sugar into your vase water will have antibacterial action that will keep your cut flowers fresh for a few more days. To continue refreshing your cut flowers, change the water every other day, refreshing the ingredients every time.

Use hair spray to fresh your cut flowers – Give them a quick spray by standing a foot away for the flowers. Spray them only on the undersides of their petals and leaves to help them look fresh longer.

Use soda in your vase water – People throwing away those last drops of soda, unknowing that putting those drops of soda will make the blossoms last longer. Pour about ¼ cup of soda into the vase water to remain clear little bit longer.

The secret to keeping cut flowers looking good as long as possible is to minimize the growth of bacteria in the water and to provide nourishment to replace what the flower would have gotten had it not been cut.

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