Do We Have to Give up From Our Favorite Food to Have a Healthy Lifestyle?

Healthy eating includes balancing your favorite food even if they are high in calories, fat or added sugars. The major purpose of healthy lifestyle is eating your favorite food only once in a while by balancing them with healthier food and more physical activities.

Do We Have to Give up From Our Favorite Food to Have a Healthy Lifestyle?By cutting your favorite food once a week or month, you will also cut your calories because your favorite food that contains calories is not often consumed. If you enjoy eating chocolates, try having smaller size because in that case you will eat your favorite food and also you will reduce the calories that are contained in the whole bar. If your favorite food contains recipe that requires food with high-calories, try replacing some ingredients with lower-calories for example: for full-fat cheese use light cream cheese, whole milk replace it with non-fat milk or if it require butter use less butter also add if you can some fresh spinach or tomatoes (depending on the meal), but just try not to increase your portion size.

Some research shows that people get full not by the amount of calories they take but by the amount of food they eat.

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