Clinical Method to Detect Child Logic

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Jean Piaget conducted a milestone in developmental psychology with his theory and methods of examination. The battery test on conservation of matter is one of the most famous. To Jean Piaget was important to understand how a child thinks, not the correct answer. He uses so-called clinical method. To find child logic, he sets up questions for the children.

Examination of the type of conversation by Jean Piaget

Type Method of estimation

Fluid The same two cups with the same amount of water. One is poured into high and narrow cup then pour into a wide and low cup. It asks whether there is the same amount of water in the glasses.

Substance Two identical balls of clay. On one confiscated, or be transformed into a flattened pancake or sausage. It asks whether both subjects have the same amount of clay.

Weight Two identical balls of clay measured on the scales for a child to see that they have the same weight. Then change the shape of one and wonder whether they have the same weight.

Volume Two identical balls of clay. They are immersed in the same two cups with the same amount of water for a child to see that they occupy the same space. Then change the shape of a ball and asks whether will occupy the same space.

Number Two parallel lines of the same length have the same number of objects (buttons, seeds, coins …). Then disseminate or narrow those objects spacing between them in the length of a line, or line up in a circle or otherwise. We ask the child is there the same number of items.

Jean Piaget when describing developments in preop period indicates what the child does not know/ or how to do. Egocentrism or inability to put the point of view of the other is one of the characteristics of opinion preop period. The child is not selfish; It’s just it thinks that everyone thinks like him. It isn’t aware that there are other points of view. For some of you interested in Jean Piaget, or neer have heard about him, Jean Piaget was a Swiss clinical psychologist known for his studies in the field of child development. His best known works are The Theory of Cognitive Development and Genetic Epistemology. He was the pioneer of the Constructivist Theory of Knowing (even his views on the subject were, lets say temperate).

He formed the International Center for Genetic Epistemology in Geneva. He directed the Center until his death in 1980, on 84. His great work and studies in field led the Center being referred as Piaget’s Factory. To me he is the most cited psychologist in the field of child development till this day.

He is actually one of the most known psychologists in the world. His work defines modern school programs, the graphic user interface basics in the modern computer era, understanding the early child development, the basics of knowledge, the truly meaning of words, associations and symbols and there influence on our mental state.

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