A Good Mental Health is a Necessary Component of Excellent Physical Health

Scientists frequently argue that, due to the mind/body connection, good mental health is a necessary component of excellent physical health. If you want to have an excellent mental health you must incorporate a few strategies that can improve your mental hygiene.

A Good Mental Health is a Necessary Component of Excellent Physical Health

  • Exercise to manage stress – Exercises helps you improve self-esteem, reduce tension, lift your mood and help you get better sleep. Also physical activities increase yours resistance to disease, weight loss, immunity boost and as a bonus you get a good looking body.
  • Eat balanced diet – Certain type of foods and drinks can cause stress. This are: fast food, caffeine, sugar, certain cheeses, alcohol and some kinds of nuts. But there is a type of foods that can help your body to fight stress. This are: Fish, fruits, vegetables, yogurt and drinking a lot of water.
  • Get enough sleep – Scientists believe that an appropriate amount of sleep is recommended to be from 7 to 9 hours each night. To improve your sleep habits you should go to sleep at the same time each night and rise each morning at the same time. Also helps when you stop intake caffeine 4 to 6 hours before bed.
  • Understand that negative and positive emotions are both essential – Suppressing your emotions like anger, shame or frustration can actually worsen how you feel to mounting anxiety, phobias or depression. Remember that negative emotions like sadness or anger are equally significant to your mental health just like positive feelings are.
  • Learn how to maintain your emotions – Having emotional awareness can equip you properly to maintain and improve your mental hygiene. Paying attention to your own physical and metal cues can help identify experiencing special emotions. One way of how to get towards greater emotional awareness is by observing your thoughts and actions, how do they clue in your emotional state. Try to record these observations in a journal.
  • Try expressing your emotions in a healthy way – After finding the way to stop your physical and mental emotional cues, find a positive way to express them. Never suppress your emotions because it can lead to unhealthy outcomes like anxiety or depression. There are many ways you can express your emotions for example: People always withhold to cry because they think its shame or some are just unable to cry. When you feel sad, watch some movies or listen to music that speaks the same emotions that you feel, can help you to shed those tears. Talking to others may help you to manage your emotions, just be sure that person is supportive and non-judgmental.
  • Talking to others may help you manage your emotions – Last, but not least talking to your better half, a person close to you about your fears, emotions, doubts, feelings or emotions can help you relieve your negative thoughts, to better understand your emotions, to detect your problems and start looking for a solutions. The person you’d talk to must be a close one, trusty, supportive and non-judgmental. The best fit person is your other half, brother, sister, really close friend or yours or your parents.

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