5 Easy Tips to Lose Bally Fat

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Drink water – Drink glass of water before and after your meal. Drinking water before meal suppresses your appetite and in that case you don’t have to worry about overeating. Water also helps your liver function which metabolizes fat.

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Eat Natural and organic foods – Fresh fruits or vegetables are best for your body because they contain a lot of nutrients that are needed by your body to stay fit.

5 Easy Tips to Lose Bally Fat

Limit your Salt and Sugar intake – Limit the income of sugar and salt into your body because they turn into fat. Alcohol contains a lot of sugar and if you like to drink some alcohol it’s better to drink a glass of wine and eating salted meal will make you drink a lot of water, which can blows your stomach.


Don’t eat after 8 pm – Try not to eat past eight o’clock. If you feel really hungry then eat something but be careful what you are eating. Eat handful of nuts or some fresh fruits like an apple or a banana. Try not to eat anything that it’s full with sugar.

5 Easy Tips to Lose Bally Fat

Do workouts each day – Make sure you are getting enough exercises throughout the week and keep the balance in diet. With exercises you can burn more calories than you are consuming.

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