3 Surprising Effects About the Freezing of the Ovum

What should we know about this procedure?

Egg Freezing is a procedure in which a woman’s egg are extracted, frozen and stored because of a particular reason. Usually the women that are going under this procedure are those undergoing a treatment with assisted reproductive technology who do not consider embryo freezing as an option. There are those that like to preserve their ability to get pregnant at later age, and those who have not yet begun chemo or radiotherapy (the ones diagnosed with cancer). Later, when she is ready to become pregnant the egg is transferred to the uterus as embryos.

Only the freezing procedure in U.S. and Europe costs between $5,000 and $14,000. The embryo transfer (later and final procedure of this stage), the fertility medications and egg storage are not included in the cost above. This extra costs can vary between $4,000 and $7,000. So, the total costs can go from (at least) $9,000 and up to $21,000. Actually there are some European countries that have lower total costs compared to U.S. and it is worth checking it out. But, you should consider the travel costs as well.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. First of all, your clinician must explain the procedure involved, including the risks. Your mental state must be taken under consideration and an opportunity to discuss your feelings, your concerns and mental state with specialist counselor must be offered as an option by your clinician.
  2. You will be screened for diseases.
  3. You will need to give written consent for your eggs to be stored by the clinic.
  4. Last comes the actual procedure of freezing and storing the eggs.

If you decide you want to go under this procedure first you should do some research on the subject. Consider the results of some of the studies and you must consult with more then one specialist in the field. Trust me you’ll need all the information you can get because this is a serious decision you will have to make and you don’t want to make any mistakes.

3 Surprising Effects About the Freezing of the Ovum

So, what are the three surprising facts about the freezing of the ovum (egg) for women?

  1. The procedure is not recommended for women planning to delay their pregnancy

The reason is that generally this part of reproductive medicine has a lack of resources for safe and long-term storage of the ovum. Freezing usually is recommended for short term, and the doctors offer this procedure for women who give in to treatments of fighting against cancer that seriously had endangered their fertility.

  1. Few women, who freeze their ovum actually use it

According to a survey conducted among women who have chosen this procedure from 2007 to 2012 in the US, only 5% of them have used their ovum. The remaining 95% did not use their ovum from many different causes.

  1. Freezing of ovum does not guarantee 100% successful pregnancy

A large number of women, who freeze their ovum, see on the procedure as a “golden reserve”, but there are chances that this procedure would not result in eventual pregnancy. Major factor of this procedure is the age on which women will freeze their ovum. Above 38 years women have smaller chances of pregnancy, something about 10 %, warn the specialists.

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